Certified Massage Therapist (Level 3)


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The Level 3 course in massage therapy is designed for students who have already completed Level 2 and are seeking to further elevate their expertise in this healing art. Building upon the strong foundation laid in Level 2, this advanced program introduces students to the most intricate and specialized aspects of massage therapy. It focuses on mastering complex techniques, such as neuromuscular therapy, manual muscle testing, and postural assessments, allowing students to address a wider array of client needs with precision and efficacy. Moreover, students will delve deeper into the theoretical aspects of massage therapy, exploring advanced topics in anatomy, kinesiology, and pathology.


Beyond technical proficiency, the Level 3 course emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enabling students to tailor treatments for individual clients’ unique conditions and preferences. By completing this Level 3 course, students will be exceptionally well-prepared to excel in the field of massage therapy, providing top-tier care and support to their clients while contributing to the advancement of the profession.