Functional Therapy for Practitioners, Trainers, Athletes and Coaches


Functional Therapy is a registered program where participants learn to help clients improve movement from muscular imbalances.

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Movement is what allows us to be functional and live a pain free life. If we lose our functionality, we cannot satisfactorily complete our daily tasks or be as active as we would like. By reconfiguring movement patterns, we reactivate and rebalance muscles which have been overcompensating, mis-firing or ‘switched off’.

Participants learn to understand the root causes of muscular imbalances not just the symptoms, as physical pain is frequently just the manifestation of a more fundamental condition. Learn to assess biomechanical protocols, including posture analysis. Apply Functional Patterns methods to restore optimum balance and address the functionality of the body.

You will learn new techniques and exercises to address long-lasting issues and imbalances, to strengthen body biomechanics and improve attributes such as speed, stamina, flexibility and power.

Understand how to use information collated from your intake session to design a personalised postural plan and determine the functional exercises for improvement.

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